Elevate Your Brand with Expert Brand Design, Illustration, and Content

Buckle up, because you’re about to enter my CREATIVE MANSION (not a realm, that’s for normies). I’m Serena Pretti. I don’t do basic, I craft LIT AF brand experiences with EXTRA SAUCE design and some seriously WOKE communication. So ditch the snoozefest branding and let’s make your brand the TOTAL VIBE of the internet.

  • Brand Alchemy: Let’s cook up a killer identity that resonates with your audience. I’m talking fire design and woke communication that gets you noticed. 
  • Content that Slays: Is content creation a total yawn? Consider it slayed. I’ll craft fire content that gets your brand noticed and leaves your audience begging for more. Let’s make your content the MVP of the internet. 
  • Level Up Your Strategy I gotchu. Through low-key audience stalking (shhh) and mad knowledge dropping, I’ll craft killer multi-channel strategies that’ll skyrocket your brand presence. Let’s dominate the digital world together.