Briscola – Pizza Society

BRISCOLA – Pizza society is the first Foodation format dedicated to pizza.

It’s the fraternity of pizza where Neapolitan tradition meets the attention to quality time and sharing.

What’s better than an evening with friends?

Briscola can be compared to a fraternity, a place for real Neapolitan pizza loves, from the health-conscious consumer that does not want to give up taste to the adventurous one that is looking to experiment with several tastes during the same meal.

What is #pizzasharing?

Our look is inspired by the world of American college fraternities: sharing is the principe that inspires us. Briscola is an exclusive college fraternity, a pizza club! An evening in good company, sharing many pizzas with different tastes anda few beer or wine pitchers to warm up the atmosphere; and what’s better thana tasty and easy-to-digest pizza for your lunch break?

I am taking care of all visual aspects of  the brand:

interiors, styling, graphics, packaging, shooting, social media (strategic planning, posting and crm)

website, digital pr and managing communications.

Photo by ©CarolinaPrieto