Macinata – Sarti di Burger

Macinata – Sarti di burger is the restaurant where you can build your hamburgers in every detail, from A to Z.
Each of the buns is in fact 100% customizable: from meat to bread, produced with an exclusive recipe for the format, and available in the classic version, with sesame or in full, to condiments, you can choose many different vegetable creams, sauces, special ingredients – the bacon, the mushrooms and chicken livers – and fine ingredients like truffle cream and the bloc de foie gras.
The choice of meat, fresh chopped daily, is among a selection of quality products: Bavarian beef (lighter and thin), Irish Black Angus for those who love the classic taste and Uruguayan beef for an even tastier burger. Even the size of the burgers – besides the cooking – is at the discretion of the customer: S 120 gr., M 180 gr., L 240 gr., Or XL 300 gr.