The dualism between creativity and pragmatism that has always characterized me, leads me to choose the journey to become a Designer, where I develop technical skills and a strong creative process that starts from conceiving and lands into delivering the project as a whole.
After my studies, I began my professional career as a Junior Event Manager for an event agency, where I dealt with Event Management, Marketing Communication and Flower Design.


At the same time I developed iDesignMe, a blog where I go in search of original projects from a sustainable, technologic and creative point of view. I independently had to learn every step in the process of how to create a complete WordPress environment. From the theme to make a page completely functional or how to mirror on a web page a complete and strong Brand Image.

This experience made me come in contact with a network of professionals in the world of entrepreneurship, marketing and design. My multidisciplinary approach in graphics, communication, photography and storytelling attracted the founders of Foodation, with whom I started my collaboration with. My focus was building from scratch new brands and rebranding the existing ones, marketing and social media strategy and content production – for every online and offline channels.


The doors were open, so I started further collaborations always in the food and beverage sector with Pizzium, Tomarket, Kanpai, Albufera and Matane.
Working closely with my clients, I took care for them of all the competitive landscape analysis by always keeping an eye on their campaigns and activities. I wanted my clients to always be on top of what was happening around them and I was advising them on what to do to stand out. Then my job was as well to define brand guidelines for a better foundation, to create a strong communication strategy, produce it and execute it.



Over the last 4 years I discovered my passion for illustrations. Everything I draw comes from a place of irony, irreverence mixed with everyday situations. People started to call me because they waned me to draw something for them. Pastiglie Leone for San Valentino 2021 and the Italian’s Keeps on cooking projects (in support of restaurateurs damaged by COVID19) and KITO ODV, (a non-profit association, engaged in a project of female empowerment in the Philippines ).